Cops & Robbers

Munich is – amongst the big cities – the safest place in Germany. It has the lowest crime rate. This is also due to the efforts of the Munich police. When and how did the police start here? How did the “Löwengrube” (lion’s den) become the police station at the “Ettstrasse”? Where did the first assassination of a president in office happen? The answers to these questions and much more you will learn at our tour through the history of Munich’s police and criminal history….

Although the criminal rate is very low in Munich, it was often the place from where new criminal developments with initial crimes started:

1869 The first investment fraud on a grand scale
1919 The first assassination of a president in the streets of Munich.
1923 Few years later a coup d’ètat-attempt.
1971 The first bank robbery with hostage-taking.
1972 The first act of terrorism of foreigners against foreigners.
1980 The most terrible bomb attack in German history.

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