Munich’s dark years 1933 – 1945

“Capital of the Movement”

On the 9th of November 1923, when Hitler and Ludendorff marched to the ‘Feldherrnhalle’ in Munich in order to proclaim the “national revolution” – this was the beginning of the end. It was the starting point of World War II and the Holocaust, the largest mass murder in human history.

Directly behind the Feldherrnhalle is a little street called ‘Viscardigasse’. It was frequently used by Munich citizens in order to avoid passing by the “Temples of honour” put by Nazis directly into the Feldherrnhalle and having to salute them with the “Hitlergruß”. The Feldherrnhalle, The King’s Place, the Musikhochschule, The Royal Court Brewery (“Hofbräuhaus”) – the role of these and other places in Munich in those dark years you will get to know in the two hours of the tour.

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