Up to date-Tours:

It depends on the tour. Every tour in this category has a different price.

Read in the lower section of the offerings.

Guided tours:

14,50 Euro per person..

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

Individual tours:

Guided tours can also be booked outside the given times for you individually or your group. Besides the ‘Guided tours’ you can book and plan an individual tour according to your wishes.

Prices for groups up to 15 persons (ask for the price of bigger groups) or single persons and couples:

1 Stunde 98,00 Euro
2 Stunden 195,00 Euro
3 Stunden 290,00 Euro
4 Stunden 380,00 Euro

ask for a daily flat rate

Additional costs like entrance fee or taxi cap extra.

Individual tours for Industrial Clients:

Price negotiable. However, at least 178,50 euros / h

Please register in time by phone, fax or mail

All prices including 19% VAT.